Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YES Africa 2011 Symposium :Abstract deadline 30th September 2010

Hi everyone

The abstract submission deadline for the YES Africa 2011 Symposium is tomorrow 30th September, if you have not yet submitted you're abstracts, please do send it to abstractsyesafrica@yahoo.com.  For more information about this event please follow this link


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Decision Points in the Geoscience Career Pathway

The YES Network is undertaking the Decision Points in the Geoscience Career Pathway survey! please take a moment to share your thoughts about what has influenced your decisions about whether or not to pursue a geoscience major and/or geoscience career. You can take the survey and read more about the project by visiting the following this link

YES Africa 2011 Symposium: Abstract Submission deadline extended to 30 Septmber 2010

The YES Africa 2011 abstract submission deadline has been further extended to 30 September 2010 to be in-line with the new CAG abstract submission date.
For more information about abstracts submission visit YES Africa 2011 webpage at http://www.networkyes.org/index.php/meetings/yes_africa_2011/  or the CAG website at http://www.cag23.co.za/

YES Africa 2011 Symposium : Abstracts deadline 20th August 2010

Abstracts submission deadline for the YES Africa 2011 Symposium in Johannesburg, South Africa has been extended until 20th August 2010. For those who have not submitted their abstracts yet, it is now your chance to participate. You can also send more than one abstract according to the related topics proposed for this event.

Here are the proposed topics

  • Earth’s Resources and Sustainable Development of Africa
  • Post Gondwana Geodynamics of Africa
  • Environmental Geology and Geohazards (Natural Hazards vs. Man-made Hazards)
Additionally, there will be the following two roundtable sessions at the YES-Africa 2011 Symposium:

  • Natural Hazards in Africa: Climate change, earthquakes, landslides, hydrological hazards, etc.
  • Creating Local and Regional Professional Development Resources for Young and Early-Career Geoscientists

For more information about the YES Africa 2011 symposium visit us on the YES Network website http://www.networkyes.org/index.php/meetings/yes_africa_2011/

The first International Conference on African and Arabian Geoparks

The First International Conference on African & Arabian Geoparks, entitled Aspiring Geoparks in Africa and Arab world will be taking place in El Jadida, Morocco, from the 21-28 November, 2011, for more information please follow this link