About Us

Welcome to the South African YES Network Chapter of the International Young earth Scientists Network. The South African YES network aims to promote and build on the mission of the international network "promoting Earth Science for Society" whilst focussing on current issues facing our country within the earth sciences field. Geosciences amongst school going students is largely unpromoted, with many students not knowing enough about the science and the future possibilities it may hold for them and the future of the country. As a Chapter we aim to improve the view of earth science within the secondary and tertiary education levels in South Africa.

This Chapter also aims to create a platform for a support system whereby young earth-scientists can share information between one another and create a support group by providing professional development, resources and opportunities.

Please feel free to send pictures of you in the field, publications and anything else that you may find relevant. We would like to hear from you, contact us at earthscience.sa@gmail.com for any enquires

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