Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The April YES Network Newsletter

Dear All,
We're writing to let you know that the latest edition of the YES Network's Newsletter is now up on the YES Network website: http://www.networkyes.org/index.php/news/

Newsletter Highlights:
1. The 2nd YES Congress is looking for volunteers (see cover page for details).
2. We are seeking YES Members to be editors or reviewers for the YES Network Bulletin.  See Page 2 for details.
3. Mary Seid from the United States of America is this month's featured profile.
4. Do you want to get more involved in the YES Network?  YES is holding the 2012-2014 elections for leadership roles! Even if you don't want to be directly involved as a YES Network Executive Role, you can still run for team member positions.  Plus, don't forget to vote for those YES Members who you think would be great leaders for our community! For more information on YES Network elections, please read pages 3-6.

Jo, Tiffany, Chhavi
YES Network Newsletter Team

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